In recent years J.R. Steindorfer, s.r.o. won several prestigious international awards thanks to the high quality of work of its employees.

In 2002 we were granted the "5th International Transport Award" as part of the annual "New Millenium Award". The Selecting Committee of the Trade Leaders Club (whose membership comprises more than 14,000 companies using the services of road haulage firms) has thus honoured us with one of the most prestigious awards in the area of carrier services.

In March 2003 the consulting company OtherWays granted us the "International Golden Award for Quality & Business Prestige" as recognition of the high quality of services we provide.

In September 2003 we won yet another award recognising the high quality of our services - the "Golden Medal for Quality and Service", granted to us by the World Marketing Organisation.

In October 2003 we won another "New Millennium Award", granted by the Trade Leaders Club association. This time, along with the "Golden European Award for Quality", we also won the "Top Quality Customer Satisfaction Standards" certificate.

The most recent award for the J.R. Steindorfer Group has been granted to us by Volvo Truck Slovak, s.r.o. It marks the successful completion of a five-year period of operation of the authorised Volvo service centre, which we celebrated in 2004.